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The Excuse for My Silence

September 10, 2012

Well it’s been a while since I posted, folks. And in the last few weeks, it’s been a struggle even when I do post. But you see – it’s not my fault (so says the American culture, right?). I’m a victim here. The culprit?

Round Ligament Pain. RLP.

So if you’ve never been pregnant, you probably have no idea what the heck I’m talking about. But the round ligaments are the muscles that attach my uterus to my pelvis/groin area. (See this article on WebMD for a better explanation.) They basically hold the uterus in – towards my back – so it doesn’t fall forward. When you are pregnant, they get stretched out like rubber bands, and they can spasm or ache. This is the cause of my pain and suffering in the last few weeks.

Sorry for the boob shot, but this is the best image out there. Thanks to for the image.

So I had this RLP with Annalise the first go-round. It started around the 5th month, and I was still consistently jogging. The pain got worse and worse, and I finally called my OB about it because I couldn’t walk one day without chronic, sharp pains. I was sure this wasn’t normal. Round ligament pain was the culprit, and rest and stretching should help. So I stopped jogging, and doing any strenuous activity. Within a week, the pain had subsided tremendously! I never had a problem again, unless I overexerted myself with a long walk.

But things are a bit more extreme this time with Baby Boy. At 5 months preggo, I felt the RLP coming on again. And it has increased in severity quite quickly (as in, I sometimes can’t walk without doubling over in pain). But the thing is, I haven’t been running or jogging in MONTHS. Only some moderate walking and chasing a toddler. There is very little I can do to change my lifestyle, and I already feel like a fat, lazy sloth.

I’ve talked to my OB, who is known as the “weight Nazi” of OBs in town. While having the largest single-man OB practice in town (he delivered 52 babies in June), he’s a marathon runner. He has zero compassion for excuses for not exercising. He loves his job (has to, right?), and he is passionate about women staying healthy and active during pregnancy. So when I complain to him about my RLP and my lack of exercise, he nods and says, “Some women are just built that way.” And then tells me to do yoga instead. Have you ever tried to do yoga with a 17-month old around? It’s not like I can strap her in her stroller for that one. Sorry doc, I love you and you’ve seen more of me than my husband…but yoga ain’t going to happen.

So anyways, that’s my sob story. I’m limiting almost ALL activity and trying to rest (lying on my side) so my round ligaments can recover. Stretching is also helpful – I get on my hands and knees, and then press my head to the floor while sticking my butt in the air. Lovely picture I know. But it supposedly helps. Sigh.

And I am officially done being pregnant. I know I’ve posted before about not being eager for November to come, but I’m ready to have my body back. I’m tired of sharing. I’d like to have the freedom to go on a walk around the block, without the fear of being bed-ridden later. This is getting ridiculous. And at this point, I choose the chaos of two kids under two and sleep deprivation. Doesn’t sound so bad if I can walk or stand up without pain…

And we’ll end with a note to my unborn baby. It’s heart-felt:

“I’m sorry, Son, but as much as Mommy loves you, I’m done. Come early, please. My uterus is tired. I want you to grow healthy and strong, but unless you find a way to stop straining my round ligaments, Mommy can’t walk. And big sister didn’t get the memo to stop running everywhere and sit still. I feel fat and lazy, and I can’t really do much while I’m reclined on my side on the couch…even though there is so much to do before your arrival! Your father has been such a good support system, but this horrible chronic pain seems to turn Mommy into an uncontrollable monster. And because of all this, I find myself cursing my pregnant body. Every. Single. Day. So I think the best solution is to finish this pregnancy, and have my uterus recover. I don’t mind sharing my body with you, but 9 months seems to be a little too long. And before I forget, I love you! And I hope you get your father’s patience. Love, Mommy” Written at 6.5 months pregnant…Are we there yet?