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Pregnancy Band Break-ups

September 4, 2012

Okay, so this post may be TMI for you. If so, feel free to read my one of my light-hearted posts instead. But…there was one change in my preggo body that completely shocked me. And I haven’t found anyone else that has had such an extreme change. Ready for this?

Bra band size. Did I already lose ya? Sorry. I warned you. (For all three of my non-married, male blog readers, this has nothing to do with cup size. Just FYI.)

So I had heard that pregnancy can cause your rib cage to expand. I’d heard it was normal to grow 2-4 inches in your chest. That seemed crazy to me, but it makes sense. As the uterus grows up and crowds other organs in your abdomen, things shift around and even expand. But what was so shocking about my own experience?

Pre-pregnancy (the first time) I was a 32 inch band size. For being 5’10”, that’s a really narrow chest. Anywho, my band size started to expand when I was about 3 months along…and continued. The peak? Just before I delivered Annalise – at a whopping 40 inches!!! That is an 8 inch difference in band size?!?! And you know what? After I got back in shape after having Annalise, I was never less than a 36 inch band size. The ribs stayed expanded.

This time around, my starting point was a 36, instead of a 32. I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll expand past a 40 inch band size. I’m still surprised that my chest has expanded this much (I’m already at the 40 inch mark) at 6 months preggo, even though I’ve been here before!

So now you know. And now you know that it was stupid of me to buy new nursing bras at 3 months pregnant, thinking they’d last through the pregnancy and after. Ha! Thank goodness for those bra expanders.

So really, has anyone else had this crazy band-size growth in pregnancy? How about another unusual symptom? The hardest consequence of this crazy rib expansion is ever hoping to fit in all my dresses (some which were taken in in the chest) ever again. Such a tragedy!