Annalise’s Kidney Series

In December of 2010, Jason and I went in for a routine 22-week prenatal ultrasound. This is when we first found out that our unborn child had a kidney abnormality. That unborn child became our daughter, Annalise, who is the subject matter of much of my prayers my stress this blog. I started this blog for several reasons, but one of them was to share our journey with (and without) Annalise’s kidney.

When we sat there in that ultrasound room with the radiologist, our lives were set on a path that has shaped us forever. When I googled the doctor’s words, “renal duplication” and “dilated kidney,” I was frustrated with the search engine results. I was left with more questions than answers, or I found the rarest case (which scared the crap out of me).

This is our story, from diagnosis, to testing, to surgery, to post-operation. It is not meant to be a sugar-coated fairy tale, or a rant. I do not claim to be Christ-like in all moments (just when I’m arguing with my husband – right, honey?), and I tried to recount our journey as honestly as possible.

Please share our story with others who may be facing a similar situation. Apparently (according to every doctor we ever talked to), kidney abnormalities are the most common abnormality found in routine prenatal ultrasounds. And 99% of those supposedly don’t need surgery. We are the 1%.


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