My Tip-Toe is Too Loud

So Annalise spent the weekend at the grandparents again. Her transitions back home have been a little rough lately (code word for lots of time outs, fussing, whining, and crying). Within a few days, things seem to get back to normal. But those first few days are a living nightmare doozy. Especially those 9-10 hours when it’s just me and the terror daughter.

So one day this week, Annalise’s afternoon nap lasted only one hour. This only happens when she’s sick, teething, or upset that she’s not at Mawmaw’s house. I was not ready for her to get up, and neither was she. Generally she wakes up happy, but she was fussing and crying. I let her cry for a while, hoping she’d go back to sleep. (We are in the CIO camp, which has worked great!) I eventually went in to get her, but she immediately collapsed on my shoulder when I picked her up. She was exhausted. I let her rest on my shoulder, and then decided to put her back in the crib.

As soon as her head hit the pillow, she shrieked in protest. I rubbed her back for a bit, and she sucked her thumb and laid back down. By the way, we never do this. Primarily because 1) it doesn’t work and she will not go back to sleep, and 2) see number one.

So I am tip-toeing out of the room, and I’m at the door. As I turn to go out, my foot cracks. You know what I mean, right? My bones just slightly crack as I shift my weight.

Up pops her head. Annalise cries out as she sees me. And naptime is over.

And I have to mention that we have a white noise machine that is cranked wayyy up in her room. So her bionic ears isolated my foot-cracking while surrounded by the soothing sounds of a mountain stream.

Ridiculous. No wonder Annalise was such a light sleeper as a baby. Oh wait – she still is.

Not a problem – we just won’t make any noise louder than a foot-crack while she’s sleeping those 12-14 hours each day.


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