Trust Has Been Broken

No, not my trust in Annalise. That is still being earned. But the trust of which I speak is in an inanimate object…

Door knobs.

One day last week, Annalise was able to open and close a door, repeatedly. With a knob. A knob I have trusted in since Annalise was able to crawl. This knob is no longer able to keep my toddler in or out. I am in a state of shock.

I knew this day would come, and I’ve even seen glimpses of it’s coming. Annalise figured out a long time ago that the shiny brass (I know, we have the latest 90s fashion in door hardware) handle was the key to freedom. As soon as she could pull herself up, she’d reach up for that handle. And I’d smile as her fingers barely touched the knob.

Now I’m not smiling. Her entire hand fits squarely over the knob. It’s just the twisting mechanics that is keeping her at bay. Until last week.

Thankfully, Annalise has forgotten about her new found skill. I shan’t remind her. And you better not either.


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