Goodnight Moon – If I Could Just Find You!

So I’ve always known that my little Annalise was a comic. She will do anything for a laugh, or for some attention. Here is her latest tactic…

We read books. Lots of books. They are probably her favorite thing to play with. But in the last few weeks, she has put a new twist on “reading.”

Let’s say we are reading 101 Dalmatians (which is quite likely this week). There are three pages in the whole book that have a picture of a moon in the background. Whenever we read the book, she will always point and exclaim, “Moon!”

Not so unusual yet?

Well Annalise will often immediately close the book and hold up her hands – her way of asking, “Where did it go?” Then she will flip through the pages trying to find it. When she’s on a page without the moon, she will shake her hand and say, “Noooo….” And keep flipping. Then she will find the page and say, “Moon!” But the victory is short-lived. Usually, the book is closed again and Annalise holds out her hands in confusion. Repeat x 48383.

So I have played a similar version of this game with peek-a-boo. When Annalise first started playing that game (which gets really old really fast), I’d mix it up by guessing places she was hiding. So instead of being right in front of me on the changing table covering her eyes, I’d ask, “Is Annalise in the bathroom? Noooo… Is she in the kitchen? Nooooo…”

So today, the “reading” game has also been mixed up. Instead of just flipping through pages looking for the object (this time, it was a cat), Annalise started making the baby sign for car. It threw me off, so I asked, “A car?!”, thinking she was anxious to get out of the house. But to my surprise, Annalise replied with, “Nooooo…” And then said, “Outside? Noooo…” And so the game continues…probably even at this very moment…

Haha. I think she’s pretty funny. And Annalise knows it, too. So I guess that means that I’ve just guaranteed that I’ll be playing this game until she goes to Kindergarten…



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