Hugging the Toilet

Nope, no one in the house is sick. Thankfully, we are a fairly healthy family. I attribute that to Vitamin D supplements and lots and lots of HFCS (if you know what that is, you probably just cringed…haha).

No, this is a quick tale of my daughter Annalise and her entertaining self. If you didn’t hear about her last  antic for attention, don’t worry. This one is better.

So we’re at the stage of no personal space pre-potty training. If anyone in our house goes to the bathroom (aka “potty”), Annalise wants to come too. She may watch you in action, or just play in the room, but she always wants to help flush the toilet. It’s quite the adventure. And with her almost-6-month preggo Mama, this is a frequent one-stop show.

Anyways, I was done using the potty, we flushed, and usually Annalise watches the water go down. Such a thrill, I know.

But today, as the water was swirling down, she put her cheek on the bare seat and hugged the toilet. And when Annalise hugs, she says, “Awwwwww.”

Of course I flipped out that she touched the toilet seat, but then I laughed. And that did it. After I closed the lid, Annalise continued to hug the lid and the toilet for a few more seconds.

We love us our toilets, ’round here. I do appreciate running water and modern day facilities.


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