Reason #234 Why Annalise is Gifted

Yesterday, I just talked about why Baby #2 may need therapy. But today, I give you a tid bit of the day-in-the-life with Ms. Annalise. Last time we did this, it may have been the adventures of independent (unsupervised) play.

So a few weeks ago, my good friend came to visit with her little girl. Her daughter is about 7 weeks older than Annalise, and she’s pretty smart. I was really impressed with all the “tricks” she could do – counting, recognition of a few letters, singing songs with motions, and understanding colors. 

Now, Annalise is also pretty smart (in my completely non-biased opinion). Actually, she might not be as much smart, as she is a ham. She is an attention-hog. If she can do something to get a smile or a laugh (or a slap on the hand), she’ll do it. Remember the post about story time at the library? Annalise isn’t just wanting center stage out in public…it’s an all-consuming drive deep inside her. So having my friend’s daughter around gave me some new ideas for Annalise to become my entertainment more learned.

Colors. They became part of my daily language. I’d say, “Let’s put on your pink shoes.” “Now you have your red block.” When I first started doing it, I don’t think Annalise noticed much. And if she did, she’d just look at me and say, “Ba-lock,” emphatically. As if she was correcting me, and I was the person who had misnamed the said object.

Any who, all of this seemed to be going nowhere for the past month or so. Then yesterday…

She was holding one of her stacking rings in her hand, ready to put it on the stacker. She pointed to it, looked up at me, and said, “Ba-lue.” And yes, friends, it was indeed the blue ring.

I was momentarily shocked at her brilliance, and then broke into applause. “Yes, Annalise! Good job! That is the blue ring!!!” She beamed like the proud genius that she is. She had succeeded in becoming the center of the universe.

Then I held up another ring. I chose carefully…the pink one. She should know that one. Almost her whole wardrobe is pink. So I ask, “What color is this ring?”

Annalise smiles at me, looks at the ring, and says emphatically, “Ba-lue.”

Ha. Oh well. I won’t wait by the phone for the call from Harvard admissions office.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep working with her on those colors…only 23 more to go, according to a conservative Crayola estimate.


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3 Responses to “Reason #234 Why Annalise is Gifted”

  1. Ashley Says:

    You are only to reason #234…clearly a ways to go 🙂 Also, apparently “blue” is the color to learn first and the only color to learn for a long time…everything is still blue to Lucas, except for his gold car, white car & black car…but his first response is still blue…one day!

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