Who likes orange soda? Kel likes orange soda.

I just took the 1-hour glucose test last week. For all you non-preggos out there, it’s a standard test that checks for gestational diabetes. As much fun as that sounds, it’s really not one of the great joys of pregnancy. (it falls just above nausea, fatigue, round ligament pain, and insomnia.)

I just have some quick questions for the makers and administrators of this glucose test. Shout out to MJH here for choosing this awesome method of testing!

1) Does this drink really need to have a fake-orange-syrupy flavor? I think the taste of raw sugar out of the bag would be more appealing.

2) Why couldn’t this drink get some carbonation? If you are going for the cheaper-than-Big K version of orange soda, why only go half-way?

3) If you were trying to load us up with sugar in a small portion-size (50mL), I’d prefer a shot glass of orange syrup (think those Gatorade gel packs.) It would be over faster, and I wouldn’t struggle gulping it down in the allotted 5 minutes.

That is all for now. Here’s hoping I don’t have to go back for the 3-hour version! *raising my glass of anything but orange soda*

Anyone get the tv reference in the title?


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5 Responses to “Who likes orange soda? Kel likes orange soda.”

  1. Claudia Orr Says:

    Kenan & Kel was my favorite show as a kid. So funny! Thanks for brightening my day 🙂 Glad the test is over!

  2. Ashley Says:

    eating 10 jelly beans gets the same results…

    • bakedwithyeast Says:

      Our hospital doesn’t have an alternative to the orange stuff. I’ve heard others do. Does yours let you eat 10 jelly beans instead? That sounds WAY better – unless they were “buttered popcorn” flavor.

  3. Jessica Herndon Says:

    I have that to look forward to the end of this week…an early test…fun fun!

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