Aftermath of the Aurora Shooting

If you haven’t heard, read a summary of the shooting that happened a showing of the new Batman movie here.

People’s reactions:

“I can’t believe someone would do this.”

“It makes me sick.”

“What would make someone want to hurt so many people?”

“How could he do such a random act of destruction?”

These reactions are honest. Understandable. Such a tragedy on such a large scale is shocking. And the randomness of his violence makes no sense.

But, this has happened before. And unfortunately, it will happen again. I know that I live in a broken world. People are lonely. People are hurting. People feel betrayed, angry, resentful. Seeds of depression, anxiety, and bitterness grow inside our hearts. All of us, including me, have crap festering inside of us. If these seeds are NOT uprooted, they can be enslaving, and even deadly. Just read the rest of the headlines on CNN, and you’ll see that the world isn’t as it should be.

Obviously, something has to be wrong with a person, who would take away so many lives in such a calculated plan. He wasn’t right. He needed help. He needed a Savior. Where was this young man’s parents? Who were his friends? Did anyone know how sick he was? Why didn’t anyone help him?

I believe that God created humans with a lot of power to change and influence the world around us. But without His help and His ultimate goodness, we cannot heal the hurt completely. We cannot fix the brokenness of the world without the touch of its Creator. Only He is pure and good and holy.

I believe in a God who mourns with us. He cries with the families. He is disgusted at violence. And yet, he weeps for this young man, who was so lost that he found his way into a movie theater with an intent to kill.

I pray that I will not let any evil seed continue to grow inside my own heart. I pray that my eyes will see the broken people around me who need love, support, and a Savior. God help us all.


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