“Room Time” Woes

Annalise loves to play…with others. She’s very independent in everything she does…except playing. She thrives in front of an audience. She relishes attention. This is a challenge for Mommy when there are not yet siblings.

But even before I knew about this personality trait with Annalise, I have tried to establish “independent play.” There are many reasons why I treasure impliment this time (in no particular order): Annalise learns that she can entertain herself (for a time); it gives Mommy a break; and hopefully it will instill confidence in Annalise as she’s not so dependent on others.

When Annalise was an easy-to-manage infant, I’d just lay her down on her activity mat and leave her alone for 15 minutes or so. She couldn’t really move from that spot, and I could go clean dishes or check email – always within earshot. Now that she’s bigger, it obviously looks much different. For about 25-45 minutes each morning, Annalise will play in her (mostly…) baby-proofed room. She has some toys in there, and I give her some board books. But most of the time, she’d rather empty out her drawers and try to climb on things. But today, I found out her new trick…

I was next door in my bedroom reading my Bible, in peace. But then, I heard her banging on the top of the trash can, and then, the thump of the chair rocking at full force. “Great,” I thought. “She’s somehow climbed up into the rocker and she’ll cry because she’ll want help getting down.” Instead, I heard her baby monitor get really loud – loud, like someone was holding the base in one’s not-so-delicate hands. After a few more minutes of “play time,” Annalise cried out. I picked up my phone/camera, and BEHOLD! There she was somehow stuck in the corner of the room – behind the rocker and trash can, with the monitor base in hand.


I don’t know how she wedged herself through that little area, but I imagine she had fun figuring out that she could get back there. There isn’t much room and not really much entertainment, but I bet that she played contentedly for probably 10 minutes. Who knows how long it took her to wriggle into that small space.

So now I have to figure out where to hide her monitor, so that she doesn’t go playing with it every day. If she unplugged it, I know she’d poke at the exposed socket – just because she’s not supposed to. *Sigh*

What does your child do for entertainment? Please tell me that I’m not the only one whose child ignores the toys and instead finds anything else to play with?


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