Fave Baby Crap

I call it “crap” because it does seem like a lot of crap for such a small little person. You’ve never been a parent before, and the “must-have” lists out there are insanely long – and you have NONE of it! But you are so ignorant and nervous excited that you will usually buy ANYTHING that is suggested, just because you want to be “prepared.” Don’t want to be wishing you had that baby wipe warmer at 2am when Junior is screaming because you just exposed his parts to the breeze…right? RIGHT? Here are my 2 cents on my favorite purchases…and ones that aren’t worth it, in my opinion. Many thanks to “Baby Bargains” book for it’s recommendations. Go out and BUY THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU REGISTER!

0-3 MONTHS (i.e. what you’d register for):

  • activity gym. This was basically the only toy I had for Annalise the first 3 months. SHOCKER! But they’re awake for such little bursts of time, they don’t need much!
  • car seat carrier. We made the mistake of getting a 35lb limit, but I wish we’d have gotten a 20 or 25lb max, so it would be more compact in a car. You’ll probably move Junior to a standard carseat long before he’s 25lbs.
  • stroller frame for carseat. Don’t buy the travel system, or an expensive stroller. This works great for the first many months, and will give you time to decide what kind of stroller you want – it’s quite an investment!
  • big square swaddle blankets. Swaddling is essential, but challenging! YouTube “happiest baby on the block swaddle” and figure out how to master it.
  • trash can. Skip the Diaper Genie, get a good kitchen trashcan that keeps in smells. It won’t cost as much, and refills are just regular trash bags. And you can reuse it in another room later!
  • bath tub with infant sling. It’s hard to bathe a small little baby. We got a “compatible” one, so it was a bit smaller.
  • Huggies wipes. They are thick, strong, and have the best wipes containers. I find I use less wipes when I use Huggies brand.
  • noise machine. Annalise has bionic ears. We bought a 99 cent song on iTunes, and use an extra iPod. Words great!
  • fast thermometer. The faster the better. It makes a difference when Junior is squirming and wriggling and crying in pain!
  • infant Tylenol. Look for the kind in dropper, not in a syringe AND non-staining.
  • Hanes socks. The only socks that will stay on Junior’s feet. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, buy the cute socks that have shoes on them. You’ll see. Have these in the drawer, for all ages!
  • compact travel changing station. I use the Skip Hop Pronto. Eventually you’ll realize that lugging around the diaper bag is unnecessary. You’ll want this in the car, or to shove in your purse.


  • boppy pillow. It was never comfortable for me, just awkward. Pillows were more comfy and convenient.
  • swing. Didn’t see the need, and Annalise survived without it.
  • bassinet or cosleeper. Annalise slept in her crib as soon as we got home from the hospital. Best decision ever! I slept better without hearing all her sounds, and we never had to make a big transition.
  • pacifiers. Tried it, but it was more of a headache to keep putting the stupid pacifier back IN. Annalise eventually wriggled out of the swaddle enough and got a thumb in her mouth. I never have to go in and help Annalise find her thumb.
  • fancy bottles or nipples. I just bought the bottles that went with my breast pump. Annalise never had a problem, so I never bought them.


  • Fisher Price booster seat. Great for travel, and can sit in any chair with a back.
  • Good bibs. Don’t get off-brand here. Find good velcro, and a light-weight fabric that dries fast.
  • Bobux or Robeez shoes. Best shoes for learning to walk. Don’t get clunky shoes for new walkers…do I need to explain this?
  • Exersaucer. Best toy after Junior can sit up on his own. So then you’re up to Activity Mat + Exersaucer! Ha!
  • Leap frog music table. Great table once Junior can pull up, but isn’t super annoying with sounds.
  • Radio flyer walker wagon. Great toy that helps Junior get steady taking steps, and doubles as a wagon to lug more crap around later. (By this time, Junior will have lots more crap, called “toys.”)

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